The Project:

editing and enhancing a recorded webinar for a customer's youtube channel

The customer sent us the video of a webinar they did "live" (with all of the typical bloopers, flubs and noise that are in a "live" performance) and asked us to edit out the flubs and noise. They purchased our Video Editing and Enhancing Service to make their video into a polished presentation people could view on their YouTube channel. The customer re-recorded their intro and sent it as a separate video and asked that we use it instead of their original "live" intro. The exact instructions from the customer are in orange below (note: we removed the download links for the purpose of this sample:

1. Intro


Start 0.13

Goes to the very end

The Intro sent to us by the customer (before we edited and enhanced it):

2. Main body 


Start 5:13 "by way of introduction"

Cut out 29:38- 30:24 (start back up at "number one")

End 40:36 (end after "free trial")

The webinar the customer sent to us (before we edited and enhanced it):


The finished video (after editing and enhancIng):



The Product:

Video diting and Enhancing

We eliminate plosives (popped P's), flubs (uhs and ums), coughs, and thumps. We'll eliminate or reduce hum, crackle, sibilance (distorted "S" in words), and other unwanted sounds in your audio.

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