Promo Kitchen podcasts

Customer's Script and Instructions:

Format   = 128 kbps MP3

Amanda Interview

One more for you - a bit more intense this one is 

1. Regular intro for PromoKitchen

After the standard PK intro, please add in this highlight clip before the music starts up and the episode intro starts: 8:12 "it was the time I was by myself" to 8:52 end after "bottles of wine"

2. No sponsor

3. We'd like to lead off this podcast with this music clip - can you download? 

can you play the first 20 seconds and then in the last 8 seconds turn down the volume and start the podcast.

Intro music***


Start 1:47
End 44:11

4. Outro - fade out to the same song clip for 20 seconds and then start into the normal outro clip we use


Podcast (before editing and enhancing):


Podcast (after editing and enhancing):

Download 128 kbps MP3 file. On a PC, right-click, choose "Save target (or link) as...", and choose place on your computer to save the file. On a Mac using a mouse with one button, press the Control button on the keyboard and click the mouse button simultaneously.

The Product:

Audio Editing and Enhancing

We eliminate plosives (popped P's), flubs (uhs and ums), coughs, and thumps. We'll eliminate or reduce hum, crackle, sibilance (distorted "S" in words), and other unwanted sounds in your audio.

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