Radio sweepers and Liners

Give your Internet or broadcast radio station a fresh new image with fully-produced station imaging (known as sweepers, liners, station IDs, DJ drops, teasers, shotguns, and idents). Our voice delivery is upbeat, friendly and professional. There's no monthly retainer, no annual contract, and no worrying over whether you'll like what we produce for you because we offer a guarantee. We believe you'll find Audiobag a smart place to get your new radio imaging!


"I love it!"
Pat Matthews

"Thank you So much! We are extremely happy with the sweepers. Look forward to doing business with you again."Shelter Kwaramba

"Thank you! They sound great!" Brooke May

"Thanks for the work. My team loves it because it captures the colorful and energetic spirit of the station we are building." Chivuzo Offiah
Urban Radioscope

"I'm very impressed with the sound quality, the voices and the quick turn around. I will pass your company's name along to other jocks at the station.....What a great product!" Brian Holtz
KFMG Radio


Features of Radio Sweepers and Liners

• An audio sweeper or liner up to 15 seconds in length for your radio station with our voice talent, production music, and/or sound effects.

• Choice of either our male voice or female voice (listen below).Tell us which voice you want on our Script and Instructions form (after you've completed your online purchase, click the "Return to Audiobag" link on the page thanking you for your order. It will take you back to our Script and Instructions form). You'll also have the opportunity to give us further guidelines on the voice delivery (for example: serious, smile, tongue-in-cheek, sexy. laid-back, slow pace, medium pace, fast pace, relaxed, excited).

• Up to 20 words in length. We believe you know your station better than anyone else. So we leave the writing to you. We'd be happy to tweak your script if you request it.

• Choice of any genre of music. Tell us what style of music (ex: "Rock") you want on our Script and Instructions form, or select the exact music track you want (we'll provide you with a link to our music library after you've made a purchase). If you don't like music we choose for you, we'll remix it with new music.

• Fast Turnaround. Our turnaround time is based on our workload (usually within 2 business days -- allow up to 5 days for a package of 10).

• Our custom audio comes with a guarantee. Let us know within 48 hours after we've uploaded your audio if we need to revise anything. See the details of our guarantee.

• Easy Instructions Process. After you've completed your online purchase, leave your browser open because you'll be taken to our Script and Instructions form. Fill out the form with your script, music choice, voice talent choice, and any instructions for us. When you've completed the form, click the submit button and we'll take it from there. When we complete your audio, we'll post it on a special download web page for you to hear and download, and we'll send you an email informing you it's ready. You have 2 days to let us know if we need to change anything.



Listen to a package of high energy sweepers Jack produced for a customer here and a package of conversational radio sweepers with an upbeat slant here.


Cathy British:


Cathy and Jack together:



You get a sweeper up to 15 seconds in length.

Voice, music and sound effects/voice effects ("FX"): $79 special $57 each
Package of 10 fully-produced wtih voice, music and sound effects/voice effects: special $397 total
Voice only ("dry" -- no music or effects): $59 special $27 each
Package of 10 Voice only: special $197 total

Select what you want from the dropdown menu. If you want more than 1, choose the product you want, click the Add to Cart button, then change the quantity on the view cart page:

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