Sierra Nevada Real Estate Podcast bumper (used as an intro)

Customer's Script and Instructions:

Format   = 320 kbps MP3
Music   = Other
Other Music2   = Ultra Lounge Chill (something similar to "Deep Chill" on AudioBlocks"
soundeffects   = Yes
soundeffectsidea   = But only if you can incorporate without it ruining the chill tempo (perhaps a stylish doorbell?) that's set.  I certainly don't want a lot of "radio" lasers.
Voice   = North American Female conversational
voicedeliveryadditionalinfo:   = Kind of sleek and sexy to go with the music.  Medium tempo.
tagline   = No
Script   = Welcome home, to the Sierra Nevada Real Estate podcast; connecting you with experts in the Northern Nevada Real Estate Market.  Introducing your host; Brian Woods
Instructions   = Ne-va-duh (not Ne-VAH-duh)
User_name   = Brian Woods
Station_name   = Sierra Nevada Real Estate Podcast
URL   = http://



Download 320 kbps MP3 file. On a PC, right-click, choose "Save target (or link) as...", and choose place on your computer to save the file. On a Mac using a mouse with one button, press the Control button on the keyboard and click the mouse button simultaneously.

The PRoduct:

Podcast Bumper

Fully-produced (voice and music) 15-second bumper that's great for introducing special show segments. Or use it for a quick intro to your show or as a 15-second sponsor message.

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