Video Editing and enhancing

We're a video editing service based in the United States. We offer two video editing services — Premium and Quick-Fix.

Our Premium Video Editing Service is a thorough editing and enhancing of your video. We meticulously remove all mistakes and remove or reduce unwanted noise in your video. We also add in new material that you send to us (such as video and photos), or use stock video and photos from our library to enhance the look of your video if requested. We also add titles (such as a title of the video, and subtitles of various sections).

Choose our Quick-Fix Video Enhancing Service if you have lighting or audio problems, but no need for editing of material. We adjust shadows and highlights, color, and contrast. We reduce hiss and hum on your audio track, and adjust volume levels. We don't edit out words or sections of your video; we enhance your video. If you have mistakes or sections you don't want in your final video, you'll want our Premium service.

When we're finished, we'll deliver an improved video as an MP4 file (or whatever digital format you need).

"Amazing! Very funny."Mark Graham

"Love this! YOu guys did an amazing job. Thank you so much."
Josephine Fitzpatrick
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"It has been a pleasure to work with you and I greatly appreciate your time and effort."Erin Williams, Program Manager, Publications at ASPPH

Our video Editing and Enhancing service includes:

EASY ONLINE ORDERING. Our prices are posted below and our online shopping makes it easy for you to make a purchase when you're ready. After you've completed your purchase, leave your browser open so we can return you to our Script and Instructions form where you can tell us what you want us to do to your video, and there's a link to a page where you can upload your video (and other source files) to us. When we complete your video, we'll post it on a special download web page for you to hear and download. We'll send you an email informing you that your video is ready.

A REFUND IF WE CAN'T IMPROVE YOUR VIDEO. We'll do an initial test of your video when we receive it. If we determine that we can't improve the quality of your video, we'll refund your money and end the project. On the other hand, if we determine that your video can be improved, we'll continue editing and enhancing it. After we've completed the project and delivered the video back to you, you have 2 days to let us know if we need to correct anything. We'll re-examine the video and either make the correction or let you know why it can't be improved any further. See the details of our guarantee.


SAMPLE 1: Premium Video Editing and Enhancing Service

In the Premium Editing and Enhancing project below, the original video had several audio problems such as distortion, crackle, volume dropout, digital burps caused by low bandwidth when recording the webinar online, and verbal flubs.

The video problems included a very low frame rate (causing the audio and video to not be synched properly), blurriness, and the video was not fullscreen (as you can see from the blue section on the right side of the video).


We cleaned up the audio by reducing the distortion, removing the crackle, and repairing the volume dropout and digital burps. We enhanced the video by turning it into a slideshow presentation using a newsroom theme.


SAMPLE 2: Quick-Fix Video Enhancing Service

In the Quick-Fix enhancing project below, you'll see that the before video is dark and hard to hear due to low volume, hum and hiss. The customer didn't mind leaving in verbal flubs, so we suggested he purchase our Quick-Fix service.


First, we adjusted the lighting to make it easier to view. Changing the highlights and shadows did the trick. Next, we removed the hum, reduced this hiss, and increased the audio volume.


Compare our quick-Fix and premium video editing and enhancing services:

quick-Fix enhancing

Our Quick-Mix service enhances the visuals and audio. There's no editing involved.

We improve your audio by reducing and adjusting:
• Hiss
• Hum
• Volume levels
• Equalization (making it less muddy or less "tinny")

We improve your video by adjusting:
• Shadows and highlights
• Brightness and contrast
• Color and saturation

2 days


BUY a Quick-Fix Project

We accept credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Pricing for our Quick-Fix service is based on a single presentation of up to 1-hour in length.

(plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents)

Premium editing and enhancing

The Premium service is a thorough editing and enhancing of your video.

We edit out:
• False starts
• Unwanted sections
• Verbal flubs (all uhs and ums removed)
• Repetitive words
• Long pauses
• Thumps
• Crackle and pops
• Barking
• Phones ringing
• Elongated Skype words

We eliminate or reduce:
• Hiss
• Hum 
• Plosives (popped P's)
• Sibilance (distorted S's)
• Mouth and breath noise
• Outside wind
• Other unwanted noise

We adjust:
• Volume levels
• Equalization (making it less muddy or less "tinny")

We adjust:
• Shadows and highlights
• Brightness and contrast
• Color and saturation

We add in:
• A pre-recorded video intro and outro that you send to us (or music that you provide or from our stock library at the beginning and the end)
• Sponsor messages (pre-recorded commercials) that you provide
• An opening title of the presentation at the beginning
• A closing title (such as your logo and web URL address)
• New material that you send to us (video and photos)
• Stock photos and video from our library to enhance the look of your video

2 to 7 days (depending on length and condition of the video)



We accept credit and debit cards and PayPal.

Pricing is based on the length of your video, so choose the time that is nearest to the length of your recording. We have a 5-minute minimum.

Select the length you want from the dropdown menu, then click the Add to Cart button:

Length of video (choose from 5 to 50 minutes)

(plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents)

Length of video (choose from 55 to 90 minutes)

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