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Audio Editing and enhancing

What we do

Audiobag's audio editing and enhancing service transforms recordings into enhanced, error-free, polished podcasts, sale presentations, and video and film audio tracks.

We're an audio production company based in the United States that makes your audio sound its very best with our award-winning audio editing and enhancing. Put on your best pair of headphones and listen to the editing and enhancing we've done. We helped a customer win CMI's 2016 Award for Best Podcast.


"You definitely helped us earn the award with your podcast editing ."Heike Young
Content Innovation Lead
Marketing Cloudcast
(episodes 54 -74)

"Every episode this season has set a new single day download record. Our listenership is up 2x since last season, thanks for being a part of making this happen." James Haight
Blue Hill Research

"I want to say how much I love what you've done with these audio clips!  It's really something to behold how you brought out the best in my reading!"Christine Bodine
99 Meditations for a Modern-day Habakkuk (audiobook)

"You did a masterful job on this! Wow, that recording was cursed with all of the drops. The editing sounds amazing." Mark Graham
Promo Kitchen Podcast
(145 episodes to date)

"It's been a pleasure working with you." Kevin Quizzical
Executive Producer
The Quotable Podcast
(episodes 1- 48)

"THANK YOU!!!! you are the best!!" Love to Live Healthy Podcast Josephine Fitzpatrick
(84 episodes to date)

"You did a great job with minimal direction getting it perfect the first time with a fast turn-around and fair price. I'll definitely be back in the future." Michael Hetelson
Emergent Technology

"Thank you. You guys are amazing."Lucy Hutching Hunt
Live the Change Podcast

What you get with our audio Editing service

• We eliminate or reduce verbal flubs and noise such as hiss, hum, plosives (popped P's), sibilance (distorted S's), mouth and breath noise, wind, false starts, unwanted sections, repetitive words, filler words (uh and um), long pauses, thumps, rumble, crackle, pops, sirens, animal noises, phone and computer sounds. We also adjust your volume levels and equalize the tonal balance of your recording. And if you provide it to us (or purchase them from us), we mix in your intro, outro, and sponsor messages.

• Our online ordering process is fast and easy. Make an online purchase based on the length of your recording (as opposed to an hourly charge). After you've completed your purchase, leave your browser open so we can re-direct you to our Script and Instructions form where you can drop your audio file(s) into our Dropbox and give us your instructions. When we complete the work, we'll post the finished presentation on a special download page and we'll send you an email.

• Our Guarantee: You have 14 days after we've sent you our first email letting you know that your audio is ready to let us know if we made a mistake (you have 3 days after we've sent you an email letting you know any revisions we made are ready). See the details of our guarantee.

• Our current turnaround times: Because we use various audio software programs to analyze and remove different kinds of noise, our in-depth editing and enhancing takes time. Here are our turnaround times based on our current workload:

1 business day for a recording up to 10 minutes in length
2 business days for a recording approximately 15 to 25 minutes in length
3 business days for a recording approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length
4 business days for a recording approximately 45 to 55 minutes in length
5 to 7 business days for a recording 60 minutes in length

If you have questions, try our frequently asked questions page, call or email us.

Samples of our audio editing and enhancing:

We encourage you listen to before and after examples of any audio editing service you're considering -- and listen with your best set of headphones. If an audio editing company doesn't post before and after audio samples, you won't know what they can do.

Sample 1:
MAKE-READY PODCAST: A customer purchased 10 podcast editing and enhancing jobs from us to transform his raw recording into a ready-to-go podcast, Our podcast editor eliminated uhs, ums, and other verbal mistakes, eliminated hiss and hum, reduced the reverberation of the voices bouncing off nearby walls, and adjusted the volumes between the host and the guest. The customer also purchased our Intro and Outro Package — which we inserted into the show.



Sample 2

UNNECESSARY WORDS, DIGITAL POPS, AND A PHONE RINGING: In this brief sample of a podcast we repaired, the Audiobag podcast editor eliminated 3 problems:
1) The host said the word "the" two times in a row
2) Digital pops
3) Phone ringing



Sample 3:
LOW MICROPHONE VOLUME AND HISS PROBLEM: A customer sent us a recording he made where his microphone wasn't working. In fact, his voice was recorded by the guest's microphone who sat across from him. Besides very low volume, the recording also had hiss and verbal flubs. The Audiobag podcast editor enhanced the interviewer's voice, and removed the hiss and flubs.



Sample 4

PODCAST EDITING AND ENHANCING OF DISTORTION, HISS AND UNEQUAL VOLUME LEVELS: In the before editing audio sample you’ll hear that the podcaster recorded herself on the left channel, and she chose the right channel to record her guest. You’ll notice at the very beginning the guest is making some noise. We removed the noise, reduced the hiss, adjusted the volume levels and made the recording sound more natural by converting it to monaural.




Sample 5:
REMOVING THE HISS FROM AN AUDIO TRACK FOR A FILM: A filmmaker sent us the audio track from a documentary film he was creating that had a lot of hiss in it. We removed the hiss but kept the breath noises in the audio track to preserve the emotion.




Sample 6:
REMOVING THE NOISE FROM AN AUDIO TRACK FOR A FILM: An independent filmmaker sent us the audio track from a movie he was creating. We asked the filmmaker to send us the video so we would know which sounds were intended for the movie and which ones weren't.




Sample 7:
ENHANCING A MUSIC TRACK: In the before sample below, you'll hear a repetitive clicking noise on the audio track of a video made at an awards show. The clicking noise was caused by a camera malfunction. We removed the clicks (each click was slightly different, so we worked on each click individually instead of applying a one-size-fits-all filter), reduced the hiss in the recording, and slightly increased the high frequencies to give it a crisper sound.





We accept credit and debit cards and PayPal.
All of our orders are processed through PayPal (even if you use a credit or debit card). You don't need to have a PayPal account to make a purchase from us.

Buy an Audio editing and enhancing project

While many audio editing companies force you to purchase a certain number of editing jobs per month, you can buy just one editing job from us if that's all you need. Audiobag's price is based on the length of your recording (so there are no surprises). If you have long, extended pauses of silence or pre- and post-show chatter with your guest that you don't want in the final presentation, then subtract that time from the length of your recording.

When selecting the time from the dropdown menu below, round off to the nearest time. For example, 8 minutes would round off to 10 minutes.

Note: We have a 5-minute minimum charge.

NOTE: We don't work on secretly recorded audio, interrogation audio, or surveillance audio. If you place an order for our audio editing/enhancing service of a private conversation where at least one party in the recording or video is unaware they were being recorded, we'll refuse the work and give you a partial refund. We will charge you a refund processing fee (which is the original transaction fee our credit card processing company charged us for your order).

Choose from 5 to 50 minutes
(plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents)

Choose from 55 to 90 minutes

Buy a package of 10 and Save 25%

Price for editing and enhancing a package of 10
(Send your recordings to us as you need them over a period of up to 12 months):

If you don't have all of your recordings yet, choose the length that you believe your final presentation will most likely be. When we send you the download page of each edited and enhanced presentation, you'll see the length of the finished presentation. If you go over your estimated time on a recording, simply cut back on the length of a future recording in your purchased package. It usually all evens out in the end. So don't sweat the small stuff. Hey, we ought to write a book with that title!

Note: We have a 5-minute minimum charge.

Choose from 5 to 50 minutes
(plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents)

Choose from 55 to 90 minutes
(plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents)

(Prices are in U.S. dollars. Not from the U.S.? Here's a currency converter just in case you need it).

Got a video that needs editing?

VIDEO EditingIf you need an audio track enhanced and you can send us just the audio track, use our audio editing service above. However, if the audio track of your video needs editing (something removed or added to the track), you'll need to send us your video so that we can sync your audio with your video. You'll need to use our video editing for that.