Audio Editing and Enhancing

Customer's Script and Instructions:

Format: 320 kbps MP3

Music: Exact

Name of track: "A Beginning" by Isik Kural

Soundeffects: No

Voice: North American Female conversational

VoiceEffects : None

1.            In Cathy's Voice, have a short intro "Welcome to the Meditation for Grounding into the Back Body for Universal Support", brought to you by Amy Lombardo"

2.            Please use music entitled "A Beginning" by Isik Kural on Story Blocks. Please loop it so it sounds like a continual track since it is not long enough.

3.            Music fades in at 1:11 and fades out at 13:58. There will be talking before and after that.

4.            Verbal flub at about 9:00. I say "bock" instead of "back" Can you edit out the flub here?

5.            Lots of breathing sounds to edit out in the pauses between the words and some other popping sounds.

Back Body meditation

Time Status:
To date: 285 minutes.
The raw recording you provided for this meditation was 16 minutes in length.
Time to produce intro: 5 minutes
Remaining minutes: 264

Before editing and enhancing:


After editing and enhancing:

Download 320 kbps MP3 file. On a PC, right-click, choose "Save target (or link) as...", and choose place on your computer to save the file. On an Apple computer using a mouse with one button, press the Control button on the keyboard and click the mouse button simultaneously.

The Product:

AUDIO Editing and Enhancing

We edit out sections of your recording that you don't want in your final presentation, reduce hiss and hum, adjust volume levels, and mix in your intro, outro and sponsor messages you provide to us into the final presentation.

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