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Get a professional-sounding podcast intro and outro that will impress your audience. We've helped hundreds of podcasters create amazing podcast intros and outros that have boosted their downloads, ratings, reviews, and conversions. In fact, we produced the intro and outro for the winner of CMI's Award for Best Podcast.

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What you get in our podcast intro & outro

• Up to 75 words in length. We believe you know the content of your presentation better than anyone. So we leave the writing to you. However, feel free to modify the sample script below and use it for yourself.


30-second Podcast Intro

Podcasting from Austin, Texas -- the live music capital of the world and home to the world's largest urban bat population, country music singer Willie Nelson, South by Southwest, and the University of Texas -- this is The Bike Show, a weekly podcast about bikes and the people who ride them. Hear interviews with special guests and bike news from around the world. And now here's your host, author and bike expert -- Bob Johnson!

Note: It's always nice to tell people where you're podcasting from (find interesting facts about your city by doing an online search), a little information about the show, and the name of the host(s).

30-second Podcast Outro

Thanks for listening to The Bike Show with Bob Johnson. If you like what you just heard, we hope you'll pass along our web address -- thebikeshow.com -- to your friends and colleagues. And please leave us a positive review on iTunes. Be sure to check out our archive section on our website for previous podcasts. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter at thebikeshow. This has been a Bob Johnson Production. Join us next time for another edition of The Bike Show!

Note: We allow you to count your web address (www.yourwebsite.com) as just one word.

• Your choice of male or female to record your script. You'll have the opportunity to give us further guidelines on the style of voice delivery you want (for example, serious, smile, tongue-in-cheek, sexy. laid-back, slow pace, medium pace, fast pace, relaxed, or excited) on our script and instructions form which your browser will be redirected to immediately after making your purchase. |



Cathy (does North American and British accents):

• Choice of any genre of music.
Tell us what style of music (ex: "Rock") you want on our script and instructions form. If you don't like music we choose for you, we'll remix it with new music.

• Fast Turnaround.
Our turnaround time is approximately 48 hours.

• Easy ordering process.
After you've completed your online purchase, leave your browser open because you'll be taken to our Script and Instructions form. Fill out the form with your script, music choice, voice talent choice, and any instructions for us. We'll post it on a special download web page for you to hear and download, and send you an email informing you it's ready.

• Money-back guarantee:
If you're not happy with the audio, please let us know within the first 7 days after we send you the initial email that your audio is ready. We'll revise it or refund your money. Our guarantee does not cover script or instruction changes you make (we'll provide a price quote).

Get a 30-second intro

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Podcast Bumpers

A bumper makes a nice introduction to a special feature or to transition into and out of a commercial break. You can also use a bumper as a quick 15-second intro to your presentation..

• Includes all of the same features as our intros and outros
(above) with the exception of the length and number of words. A bumper can be up to 15 seconds in length and up to 30 words.

Get a 15-second bumper

Voice, music and sound effects and/or voice effects: $57
Voice and music: $47
Voice only: $27

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