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Our Story

Audiobag got its start in a radio production room in Georgetown, Texas. Founder Jack Josey, who was general manager and part owner of KGTN AM/FM, spent each day in the production room, producing commercials and station promos.

After the station was sold at the end of 1986, Jack opened up an audio production studio in the same building where the radio station was located and named it The Commercial Store. He continued to produce commercials on a daily basis -- only this time for stations throughout the U.S. In 2000, new audio services were added such as phone messages on hold as well as audio for videos and slideshows. So the name was changed to Audiobag to represent a bag of audio tools (microphone, headphones,a reel of tape). The new name also made a nice transition from the bag that The Commercial Store used as a logo.

In 2004, Audiobag produced its very first podcast intro for Finmeccanica, an Italian defense and aerospace company. The intro may have been the first fully-produced podcast intro created by an audio production company. Today Audiobag is the leading producer of podcast intros and outros in North America.