radio sweepers

Radio Sweepers

Get fresh station imaging for your internet or broadcast radio station with radio sweepers from Audiobag. Sometimes referred to as DJ drops, shotguns, stingers, IDs, sweeps, or liners, our radio sweepers are fully-produced with voice, music and/or sound effects or "dry" (voice only).


"I'm very impressed with the sound quality, the voices and the quick turn around. I will pass your company's name along to other jocks at the station.....What a great product!" Brian Holtz
KFMG Radio

"These are great! We are really appreciative of your time & effort in working with us on these! We will definitely have more work to send your way shortly." Jiselle Halfmoon

"Wow, That was fast! Just finished listening to the sweepers. They're great. You captured the imaging I was looking for." Darren
The Ranch (an Internet station)

"These are awesome! I just love your work. Perfect." Vince Welsh
Electric Vinnyland (an Internet station)

What you get with our radio sweepers:

• Your choice of a male or female to record your script You'll have the opportunity to give us further guidelines on the style of voice delivery you want (for example, serious, smile, tongue-in-cheek) on our script and instructions form which your browser will be redirected to immediately after making your purchase.

• Choice of any genre of music
Tell us what style of music you want on our script and instructions form. If you don't like music we choose for you, we'll remix it with new music.

Up to 15 seconds in length (maximum of 30 words). We believe you know your station better than anyone, so we prefer you provide the script. However, if you'd like for us to tweak the script you send to us, let us know on our script and instructions form.

• Easy Instructions Process. After you've completed your purchase, leave your browser open because you'll be redirected to our script and instructions form. Fill out the form with your script, music choice, voice talent choice, and any instructions. When you've completed the form, click the submit button and we'll take it from there. When we complete your audio, we'll post it on a special download web page for you to hear and download, and we'll send you an email informing you it's ready.

• Turnaround time up to 2 days for one sweeper and 5 days for a package of 10 (once we've received your script and instructions).

• Up to 3 revisions:
If you're not happy with the audio, please let us know. We'll do up to 3 revisions. Our revision policy does not cover script or instruction changes you make (we'll provide a price quote).


(Former afternoon drive DJ, broadcast radio station owner, and owner of one of the first internet radio stations in 1999)

(Grew up in Canada, lived in Great Britain, and now lives in Texas)

British Cathy
(the same voice talent as above doing a British voice)

Cathy and Jack together


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    Fully-produced Radio Sweeper (voice, music, and/or FX): $35 each
    Package of 10 Fully-produced Sweepers: $217 (unit price of $21.70 each when purchased in a package of 10)

  1. Dry Radio Sweeper (voice only): $25 each
    Package of 10 Dry Sweepers: $117 (unit price of $11.70 each when purchased in a package of 10)

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