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Audiobag creates a professional video intro (also known as a video introduction, opening or open) to help you improve your image and gain instant credibility with your presentation's viewers.

If you create videos for social media, our video intro gives you a professional image right from the start.

What you get with a video intro:

Up to 20 seconds in length with graphics, voice talent, production music and/or sound effects. Be sure to include any graphics (your logo, for example) that you want us to put in the intro. If you prefer us to use graphics from our own library, let us know in the Script and Instructions form (you'll be directed to the form right after you make your purchase). If you want us to use your company logo in the intro, please send it as a vector file (EPS, AI). We have a link to our Dropbox on our Script and Instructions form where you can send us your logo and any other files you want us to use.

Your choice of a male or female to record your script. Choose either Jack or Cathy (listen to samples below). You'll have the opportunity on our Script and Instructions form (which you'll be directed to immediately after your purchase) to give us guidelines on the style of voice delivery you want. For example: serious, smile, tongue-in-cheek, sexy. laid-back, slow pace, medium pace, fast pace, relaxed, or excited.

Your choice of genre of music.
Tell us what style of music (ex: "corporate") you want on our Script and Instructions form, or select the exact music track you want. We'll provide you with a link to our music library after you've made a purchase. If you don't like music we choose for you, we'll remix it with new music.

Your script can be up to 30 words in length. We believe you know the content of your presentation better than anyone. So we leave the writing to you. If you purchase an intro using our voice talent, please keep the length of the script to no more than 30 words. Also let us know what text you want to appear on the screen in your intro (ex: the show name, the host's name, a slogan, website address, etc.). HINT: Don't have too much text appear on the screen because the viewer can only read so many words in a short intro.

2-day turnaround.
Our turnaround time is within 2 business days.

Easy ordering process. After you've completed your online purchase, leave your browser open because you'll be taken to our Script and Instructions form. Fill out the form with your script, music choice, voice talent choice, and any instructions for us. When you've completed the form, click the send button and we'll take it from there. When we complete your video intro, we'll post it on a special download web page for you to view and download, and we'll send you an email informing you it's ready.

Money-back guarantee.
If you're not happy with our work (for example, if we made a mistake or didn't do the voiceover delivery style you requested), you have 7 days after we've sent you our first email letting you know that your audio is ready. We'll correct it or refund your money. Our guarantee does not include any script or instruction changes you make (we'll quote you a price for that). See the details of our guarantee.





Price for a 15-second Video Intro:

Graphics, voice, music and/or sound effects: $127
Graphics, music and/or sound effects (no voice): $97

Choose the intro you want from the dropdown menu and then click the Add to Cart button
Plus 8.25% sales tax for Texas residents

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